Our Purpose


Namaske Lake is the body of water in Goffstown and Manchester New Hampshire, formerly referred to as the Piscataquog River.

Like many NH water bodies, Namaske Lake is infested with Milfoil. If not treated, the milfoil has the potential to completely infest our lake, impairing all lake activities including all forms of boating, swimming and fishing.  First infested as a result of the Mothers Day flood in 2006, by 2009 the Lake was referred to as the worst infestation in the State, with 70% of the Lake infested.

Our sole purpose is to represent the people who live on, live near, or use Namaske Lake for recreational purposes, and provide them with an organization dedicated to fighting the milfoil in the lake, The Namaske Lake Association.

This battle against the milfoil is fought in accordance with a Long Term Variable Milfoil Management Plan, (prepared by NH-DES), using treatments that are designed by and directed by NH DES. The primary treatment is the application of an herbicide, and these efforts are augmented by divers hand pulling the weed. The goal of the plan is to keep the infestation to below 10% of the Lake.

The funding for this effort is coordinated by the Namaske Lake Association, who’s non-profit status allows donors a tax deduction for their donations. The Association coordinates the treatment proposals (as directed by NH-DES), obtains quotes from qualified bidders, applies for Grants, requests funds from abutting Cities, Towns and interested corporations.

100% of the funds raised by the Association is spent directly on treatment.  The Associations Directors and Officers receive nothing for their participation.  Furthermore, all organizational costs, legal fees, mailing fees, website fees, etc are donated to the Association.

Since 2009, we have had 187 individuals participate in the Association.  Our ultimate goal is to reach a point where the modest member dues ($10 per year per adult), leveraged with matching government funds, can keep the lake clear of milfoil. Until we reach this point, we are asking for additional member donations (our suggested figure is $50 in addition to member dues).

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