Long-Term Variable Milfoil Management Plan

Updated in March 2019, Namaske Lakes Long-term Variable Milfoil Management Plan highlights:

Infestation in 2006 following Mothers Day flood overflow from Scobie Pond
Goal is to keep infestation under 10% of Lake
Lake Stats:

  • 192.5 Acres
  • Max Depth 25.41 ft
  • Average Depth 5.28 ft

Rare Lake Species

According to the NH Fish and Game Department, fish species present include large mouth bass, small mouth bass, golden shiner, pickerel, yellow perch,white perch, common white sucker, brown bullhead, and yellow bullhead. Afew brook trout are also stocked each year.

Estimated that 100 power boats and 60 non motorized vessels use the lake regularly.

In addition to variable milfoil being present as an invasive species in this system, purple loose strife was also identified as single plants or small clusters around portions of the shoreline. The lake residents are encouraged to carefully hand-remove the purple loose strife plants and their roots to prevent further spread.