Namaske Lake

Namaske Lake was named in 2008, and is the body of water formerly referred to as Piscataquog River. The lake is public, and is owned by the State of NH. There are 145 Homes around the Lakes shoreline, both Goffstown and Manchester, NH.  There are an additional 60 back lots with lake rights.

The impoundment that comprises Namaske Lake is formed by the Kellys Falls Dam, which is owned by the State of NH, and leased to Enel North America, who operates the Dam to generate electricity.

In addition to a number of private boat ramps, there is a public boat ramp on Electric Street in Manchester, near the Dam.

The lake covers 192.5 Acres, with a maximum depth of 25.41 feet, and a mean depth of 5.28 ft. Namaske Lake is relatively shallow with silty and organic substrates, essentially creating prime variable milfoil habitat across nearly the whole impoundment where depth is not a limiting factor.

Lake and Resident Statistics (Based on 2009 Survey):

  •  1/2 of the residents have lived at the location for 10 years or more.
  • The area represents over 1000 Goffstown and Manchester residents.
  • There are 140 residents who use the lake for recreation on a daily basis, with another 100 using it weekly.
  • There are 536 outside visitors per week to the lake during summer months.
  • 43% of the residents and visitors use the Manchester Electric Street ramp.
  • 37% of the residents use the Dumont St (Goffstown, private but open) ramp. 
  • The area residents generate $43,000 per month in the summertime in local commerce specifically tied to Lake activities (gas, boat & trailer registrations, fishing licenses, groceries, cleaning and maintenance supplies, etc)
  • The Goffstown Fire Department uses the Dumont St ramp (the private, but open lot) for lake access, as does the Goffstown Police Department.
  • DES and Marine Patrol regularly put in on Dumont St in Goffstown (the private but open ramp) and the Electric Street Ramp in Manchester.
  • The YMCA, Local Boy Scouts, rafters and Kayackers regularly put in at the Dumont St ramp in Goffstown.
  • The park area at the Manchester electric Street Ramp is regularly full on nice days throughout the Spring, Summer and Fall.